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Bridging Artistry with Business

The unshackled voice

your path to ovation

'Our voice, whenever we use it, should set out to match, organically and emotionally, whatever material we say and not be disconnected from it. The two must come into perfect alignment. The real beauty of speaking lies in attaining that passion.' - Patsy Rodenburg

These classes can offer three aspects of Voice that meld Science and Art together, that are tailored to your personal needs, habits and tendencies. 1. Releasing Vocal T...
Private Voice Coaching
1 Std. 15 Min.
From anywhere in the world, whether from the comfort of your couch or 50 minutes before you head to your TED TALK in a taxi- warm up, train, empower and improve your voic...
Online Coaching
1 Std.

Your Personal Voice Coach

Performers ⨇ Corporate Professionals ⨇ Keynote Speakers ⨇ Instructors ⨇ Personal Needs

Specialised private voice tuition designed for the enrichment and empowerment of oratory. It is the asset that gives you the edge, the ability to express yourself to your true potential, that affects and influences others. 


There is an art to dancing, an art to fighting, to teaching - and an art to speaking. Too many of us speak with two cylinders when really we have five available; we have forgotten how to access it because our voices are rarely demanded upon.


What is the difference - the edge? How can one have the right to speak and another not? How has one maintained the voice they born with, and another’s is transformed into one created by limits of gender, class, culture and society?

Andrei trains your voice to its greatest strength, and guides you to the edge that makes great orators - the ones that get remembered, the ones that earn ovation.


The first session begins with an evaluation tool and pinpoint objectives; depending on the voice the session will address;


  • Stage Presence

  • Resonance Training

  • Posture 

  • Projection 

  • Vocal placement & articulation exercises

  • Relaxation techniques 

  • Preserving the voice (methods in relieving dryness, soreness, fatigue, and 

  • Vocal empowerment and the right to speak

  • Dialects and Accent reduction



"I am a professional speaker but English is not my first language so I have been using speech therapists on and off for a number of years now. However, I have found Andrei to be the best of all of them. He takes every minute of the session very seriously and equips you with exercises that you uniquely need - as well as explains to you in a way that is very simple to understand.


People started noticing and commenting on my stage presence after two weeks working with him and four months into our sessions my voice and confidence as a speaker is totally transformed. The different techniques we have used were not only able to set my voice free but were personally very therapeutic and transformative. His dedication is unparalleled to any and always goes above and beyond to make sure you are improving. While Andrei is a no nonsense voice coach he is always approachable and very supportive. If you are someone who wants to set your voice free and you are very serious about it, Andrei is your man."


"As a mindfulness and meditation teacher, I came to see Andrei as I needed help to project my voice which was very gentle and soft, and I was having trouble being heard in larger spaces.  My voice was definitely in the back of my throat and at times I was swallowing my words, especially when I felt a bit nervous when presenting to bigger audiences.  While being able to keep my natural sound qualities, he helped me discover a deeper resonance and taught me how to use my voice effectively.  It’s given me a huge level of confidence when I go into present, to know that I will be not only heard, but he also gave me techniques to develop my presence as well so that I can give my words more meaning. His patience, kindness and words of encouragement along the way were instrumental in making me feel comfortable to go out and use these new skills out in the world.  I can hear and feel the difference in my voice and I know it is carrying effectively in a room.  These are not only learnings for my work, but I feel I have gained an invaluable tool for life."


"Andrei was amazing to work with. He is passionate, determined, encouraging and inspirational. He has a beautiful vision that shines through all of his work. I was lucky enough to work with Andrei on voice through The Exonerated. He did wonders on my projection, strength, depth and range. Andrei combines his wholistic techniques with the fundamentals of hard work and practice. He has a genuine belief in you and passion to see you succeed. I will be forever grateful for my experience with Andrei and look forward to working and training with him again soon."