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Bridging Artistry with Business



If working with people on their next Ted Talk, to an actor preparing for Henry V; Andrei's passion stems from the struggle for reaching spellbinding performance that lies in the conversion from the written word to the spoken word. Keep an eye out for the next production by his theatre company The Sol III Company.

Voice coach & Director

Andrei Schiller-Chan is a certified Boxing Coach and an Amateur Boxer fighting at state Level. As a Coach, he has almost six years of experience in teaching the art of boxing and has retired from the ring to focus more on teaching and pedagogical skill. He was mentored by Pradeep Singh the WBO and WBC Middleweight Champion of Asia Pacific. Andrei’s classes bring mindfulness to body, breath and presence through his knowledge of boxing’ science meshed with his academic understanding of performance psychology and Polyvagal Theory.


As an active competitor at Blue Belt grade, you will find him training consistently at Urban Kings in Kings Cross, London, preparing for the next tournament. Andrei would like to thank his coaches Jude Samuel, Max Bickerton, Ashleigh Grimshaw and Thiago Stefanutti for introducing and coaching him through an art that never stops giving. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor

As a Master's graduate from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Andrei's work blended anatomy, econometrics, social science, and trauma theories in understadning how voices change within a specific sector, such as Prison. His knowledge from specific theories has furthered Andrei's understanding of how bodies react to performance pressure and has infused all areas of his coaching life.